Have you ever looked at your house and wondered what you can do make it look better or improve the value?

At PDX Exteriors, we strive to provide high quality work at competitive prices. We have highly trained employees with 20+ years of experience, who are committed to professionalism and quality of service. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We provide a wide range of service from roof/gutter cleaning, powering washing of siding and pavement, deck/fence restoration and staining and awning installation. All of our services we provide are priced at a great value with fantastic customer service. We understand there are a variety of choices out there, and we would like to earn your business. So look no further than PDX Exteriors LLC for all of your home exterior maintenance needs.

We back all of our work with 100% guarantee. We want the customer to be completely satisfied with our services. If you are not completely satisfied we go back and take care of anything until you are!


Pressure Washing

Is your residential property looking drab and dirty? Do you want to take years off the appearance of your siding, deck, roof, driveway, or patio? With the help of PDX Exteriors and their safe and effective low pressure house washing technique, your home is one wash away from looking years younger. If you are looking for a fast and affordable home makeover then PDX Exteriors is the right company for you. Our professional residential exterior cleaners offer a satisfaction guarantee on your next pressure washing service and are 100% licensed and insured for your protection.


Deck & Fence Restoration

A deck is a wonderful feature of a home, and with proper deck maintenance, including deck refinishing or deck staining, it can provide you with many years of enjoyment.  Several factors contribute to the degradation of a wood deck or fence’s appearance, including moisture buildup, wood rot and UV-ray bleaching just to name a few. Outdoor wooden structures are exposed to the elements all year round and take a real beating in the NW weather.  Don’t let your backyard paradise become an eyesore – we have the knowledge, experience and top of the line wood care products to bring your deck or fence back to life – and keep it that way!


Gutter Cleaning

We clean both the insides and outsides of gutters in Portland to remove dirt and debris from gutters and have them flowing and draining properly. Every residential home in Portland should have their gutters cleaned on an annual basis to ensure they are flowing and draining correctly during the rainy months in Portland. We clean both the insides and outsides of gutters with low pressure to remove all dirt and debris safely from the bottoms of your gutters. We also clean the outsides of gutter to remove black streaks and other unsightly stains.


Roof Cleaning

At PDX Exteriors we are very efficient at cleaning and restoring all types of roofs. Removal of Mold, Mildew, Moss, Lichen from roof’s is our specialty. It is important to keep your roof moss-free regularly so that you can maintain the curb appeal of your home or business. Roof moss removal is an important service that is needed to maintain any property. If not tended to, your roof will eventually be damaged. The first impression is everything! We specialize in providing our customers with high quality roof cleaning services at an affordable price!